Our Commitment

Commitments & Business Principals we deliver to every client... EVERY DAY!


New England Small Business Consultants adheres to the highest ethical standards of professional conduct.  Before the consulting engagement we reach conceptual agreement on the expertise, approach, boundaries for change and results required - only accepting an assignment where we can add value.  During and after the engagement we provide direct, candid but honest feedback on what we have seen, our conclusions and recommended actions.


We will challenge the "status quo" allowing our client's to leverage their existing strengths while effecting meaningful and significant change.

Exceed Expectations

We always strive to deliver innovative advice and solutions.  By listening to our client's needs and utilizing our extensive business experience, we will customize our process and effectively work to surpass each of our clients expectations.

Dedication to your success

A successful engagement moves quickly from data gathering to problem solving to assignment and tracking of actions.

Long-term relationship

Ideally, New England Small Business Consultants becomes your Management Advisory Team - bringing the skills, experience and capacity to resolve problems and capture opportunities that you or your team may not have the time or expertise to tackle.

Commitments & Business Principals that New England Small Business Consultants will deliver to all of our clients located in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode island, Maine, New York

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