About Us

  • New England Small Business Consultants is a multi-disciplined advisory team of business professionals who possess a comprehensive foundation of business expertise.

  • Our business consultants have worked with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, C.E.O.'s, Senior Business Leaders and Boards of Directors across an extensive array of industries in all stages of growth and situations.

  • We are a "hands on" consultancy.  Our team will provide both strategic and tactical solutions that add value to your company's bottom line.

  • Our consulting services are customized to each client's individual needs and can run the gamut from diagnostic assessment to strategic planning through implementation.

  • We specialize in providing our client's with relevant solutions that will produce immediate impact and provide long term value.

  • We pride ourselves on offering our clients business advisory and consulting services at prices that every business can afford.

  • Our business model allows us to access a very diverse group of senior business professionals, on an "as needed" basis.  Your project gets the consulting expertise that it needs, when it needs it and without incurring the added expense that the overhead of maintaining such a large group of seasoned professionals "on staff" would normally require.

  • Clients who would benefit most from our consulting services include start-up and expanding companies with revenues of up to $100 million in sales, small business owners, new and prospective entrepreneurs, merchant associations & non-profits.

New England Small Business Consultants provides Consulting and Business Advisory Services to clients located in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New York

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