Internet Marketing, Website Design & Hosting

Internet Marketing, Website Design & Hosting

Internet marketing is the single largest marketing opportunity for the small business owner.  Studies show that this year consumers will spend over $110 billion online.  If you don't have a website, you are losing out on your piece of that multi-billion dollar pie.  New England Small Business Consultants is different from most other website design firms.  We look at your marketing needs from a business strategist's perspective and then work with you to develop a website that is consistent with your overall Marketing Plan.  In today's crowded web services arena, many firms are more than willing to create your website, but how many firms can help you to develop a website that really succeeds?

In the world of website design, we define success to be targeted visitor traffic coupled with successful delivery of your message or sale of your product/service.  This involves building intelligent, user-centered site features that are both simple and sophisticated.  Your web pages must also be properly optimized for fast viewing as well as fully indexable by all of the major search engines.

New England Small Business Consultants provides website design and internet marketing services to small business owners located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and throughout New England.  We’ve helped dozens of businesses in the areas of :

  • Website Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization

Technical Capabilities

Our design team is composed of graphic artists, website designers and programmers whose skill set includes most of the web programming languages, database applications, and other Internet technologies that are widely used today.

Website Maintenance

As your business grows and changes, so too will the needs of your website.  Our maintenance services are comprehensive, affordable, and have fast project turnaround times.  Why not leave your website tasks to us so you can better focus on the needs of your business?

Website Design Portfolio

We've developed websites for clients primarily in and around Boston and throughout New England (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut)

Search Engine Optimization

New England Small Business Consultants provides Search Engine Optimization consulting and employs SEO best practices that will help you rank higher than your competition.  Our SEO techniques ensure long-term top ranking through the development of valuable organic listings. Based on the goals and available resources of our client, we will also recommend that some level of paid search be considered as a part of an all inclusive optimization strategy.  We use a proprietary, content focused process that gets you top listings on hundreds of terms that customers use to find you and your products and services.

Due to the volatility and secretive nature of search engine algorithms, as well as the large number of potential competitors for any product or service offering, we can not offer a guarantee in regards to search engine performance.  We will however, in our analysis reports, give projections about the likelihood of attaining top rankings for your specified keywords.  This is a typical practice in the SEO industry.  Companies that offer placement guarantees are usually only using PPC methods or offering you guarantees for non-competitive terms for which attaining top results is trivial.

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New England Small Business Consultants provides Website Design & Internet Marketing Services to clients located in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode island, Maine, New York

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